How to insert PDF Files

  • If you are replacing a PDF file, go to the Media Library file and delete the old file.
  • Upload the new PDF file, and click the Edit button that appears on the right when the upload finishes. Place your cursor in the the gray File URL box on the right (in the Save section). Click Ctrl-A to select the URL, then Ctrl-C to copy the URL.
  • To insert the new file, go to the page and section where the PDF link should appear, then click on the “Hamburger” icon (three horizontal lines) to open that section.
  • IF THE SECTION IS TEXT — Highlight the text where the link should be placed, click the link icon (looks like a piece of chain), and paste the URL you copied into the box that appears using Ctrl-V. Be sure to click the Settings (cog icon) after you paste and check “Open link in a new tab” to ensure the PDF doesn’t replace the website. (If you’re using this method to replace a photo, do not open in a new tab.)
    IF THE SECTION IS CODE — Delete the URL for the old PDF file, which appears between the quote marks (“ ”), and use Ctrl-V to paste the new URL you’ve previously copied in its place — still between quote marks. In code, a link is created as follows —
    <a href=”URL-GOES-HERE” >LINKED TEXT THAT SHOWS ON THE WEBSITE</a>. To make the link open in a new tab, add a space after the closing quote of the URL and type target=”blank” —
    <a href=”URL-GOES-HERE” target=”blank”>LINKED TEXT</a>.
    (If you’re using this method to replace a photo, do not add target=”blank”)
  • If you prefer, or if you accidentally overwrote the URL you copied, open a new tab for the web site and go to the Media Library (holding Ctrl while clicking Media Library should open the Media Library in a new tab). Click on the file to open it, then follow the instructions above.
  • Click SAVE AND EXIT. Then click UPDATE.
  • Go to the web site and view the change to make sure everything is correct.
  • Celebrate!
Vendor Editing

To add new vendors you can copy and paste from to >/tr> a current vendor information, then edit the current information of the new vendor in that place. Be sure to copy and paste both the vendor information as well as their location information.


To add an Asterisk (*) at the beginning of a name be sure to put the asterisk before the <strong> caption.

When & Where

Go to Widgets and click on When & Where. Go to text and change the dates, then save.